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Opening Hours & Fees



To enable a child to build secure attachments with their key worker, plus develop relationships with other children, we recommend a minimum of two nursery sessions a week.


Prices from April 2024

                                                                  *2 yr olds                   3+ yr olds

Breakfast Club           7.45am-8:45am           £4.25                         £4.25

Morning Session         8:45am-11:45am         £18.00                       £16.50

Lunch                         11:45am-12:45pm         £6.00                         £5.50

Afternoon Session     12:45pm-3:15pm            NA                              NA

Breakfast Club                  7.45am-8:45am

(Available for children from 2-11 years old. Held in Lindale Muddy Boots).

Includes breakfast (toast, cereal & a drink).

Preschool children will continue through into the morning session.

Morning Session                8:45am-11:45am

(Available for children aged 2-4 years 11 months).

Please bring a water bottle for your child, and a healthy snack for morning break.

Lunch                                11:45am-12:45pm

(Available for children aged 2-4 years 11 months).

Hot meals are available at a cost of £2.80 per day.+ You are welcome to bring a packed lunch if

you prefer.

Afternoon Session              12:45pm-3:15pm

(Available for children aged 3-4 years 11 months. Held in Lindale School).

Please bring a water bottle for your child, we will provide a healthy snack for afternoon break).

After School Session             3:15pm-5.30pm

(Available for children from 3-11 years old.Held in Lindale School).

If you want to book additional session(s) on top of your regular hours then this would need to be

agreed in advance with Claire.

30 hours Free childcare and 2 year old funding– please follow the links below for more information relating to free entitlement and funding:



The 'free childcare' offers: what parents and carers need to know

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